About Us

The Culinary School was established in 2018

With the vision of innovating the hospitality industry with a more inclusive approach, our school provides a transdisciplinary approach to inspire a culinary revolution regardless of your ability.

A journey that transcends boundaries and borders to create a love for cooking and baking, our goal is to educate and inspire our participants.

Our kitchens are uniquely built, staff are specifically trained and programs are carefully tailored to ensure inclusivity to people from all walks of life.

We welcome you to The Culinary School


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Our Vision

Creating opportunities for individuals with all abilities, while guiding and supporting them in their culinary journey

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Our Mission

We aim to offer individuals opportunities to learn new skill sets, enhance their social skills and ultimately provide opportunities for employment. Collectively, these foundations will contribute to a better quality of life for

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Our Values

At The Culinary School we value inclusion above all. Our foundation is built on integrity and equality. We believe the sky is the limit for each individual.

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