December 2019 Classes

November 2019 Classes

Our Chefs

Arwa Abousamra

There’s no Tea, quite like ‘Tea With Arwa

Celebrated author and public figure Arwa Abousamra has for many years demonstrated the power of food to transcend social, political and cultural boundaries and divisions. Arwa’s culinary art involves a strong emphasis on historical and cultural insights on traditional Middle Eastern cuisine, especially but not exclusively the Palestinian dishes she prepares, teaches and writes about. Known for her eloquent nature, Arwa’s classes are lessons on life as much as they are lessons on cooking where food is given center stage and used as a catalyst in navigating relationships, history, arts, generational gaps, life decisions, politics and social settings, just as her mother and grandmother did before her.

Fatimah Omran

The Baking Queen of the South

This baking superstar and community favorite has a passion for all things sweet! She is the brainchild of Petite Desserts and Events, earning her the nickname Fatimah Petite, with 7 years of experience in adult and kids baking classes. Fatimah prides herself on her teaching techniques which emphasis the importance of teaching both young and old generations how essential, convenient and healthy it is to create home baked goods as opposed to purchasing supermarket products, usually packed with preservatives and hidden, harmful ingredients.

Fatimah is also a critically acclaimed blogger who uses her platform to teach younger generations the significance of food choices and the culinary art of baking, with an exceptionally large fan base of dedicated followers her classes are sure to excite and educate.

Tagrid Ahmad

The Culinary Sweetheart

Tagrid Ahmad first burst into the Culinary World with known and celebrated brand “Mamaghanouj”- a popular food blog navigating how traditional dishes can be made easy for the modern mama. Tagrid is known by her thousands of followers, for her genius guide on extravagant meals in half the time and price.

A mother of four, Tagrid’s cooking style is practical and inventive, a trait her dedicated fan base have loved for years.

Her soft disposition and passion for helping women channel their inner chef, despite their hectic lifestyles has earned her the nickname Culinary Sweetheart.

Tagrids Classes are sure to transform any basic cook into a confident home chef.

The Shahrouk Sisters

Breaking Boundaries and Creating Bonds…

These four sisters hardly need an introduction, thrust into fame in 2017 as winners of a popular culinary segment, they haven’t slowed down since! Capturing the hearts of thousands across Australia and cementing their name and legacy in the culinary world with their own exciting Shahrouk Sisters brand, keeping it traditional with a modern twist! The Shahrouk Sisters unique culinary approach includes sharing precious moments and creating long lasting memories, their cooking has its own language, intertwined in their past, traditions and culture. For them, food and cooking connects families and friends, communities and cultures. They didn’t learn with recipe cards or cooking videos, they learnt with their senses- seeing, touching, smelling and tasting. Join the talented, vivacious and diverse Shahrouk Sisters on an exciting adventure into authentic Lebanese cuisine as they cook up traditional recipes and present exciting fusions. From their kitchen, to yours!


The All Rounder

My generosity comes through my spicing and seasoning of our dishes because it’s all about the flavor!

I have amazing preparation skills. If you cant see what I’m doing in the kitchen you can definitely hear me. I’m the loud one! I also play a role as the peace maker when things gets feisty in the kitchen.

I’m considered the machine in the family with my girl power in mixing and molding, crumbing and coating.

I love a good giggle and can get distracted easily and run 7 conversations at once!


The Perfectionist

I will never serve up something less than perfect.

I’m generally a shy, quiet spoken person and put all my energies into creating masterpieces.

I attempt to have a go at everything and won’t give up until its perfect.

I’m very organized in the kitchen and follow recipes like a boss.

I can be stubborn; it’s my way or the highway!

I take pride in the seasoning of our dishes and am grate at balancing flavors.

I consider myself to be the technician of our dishes and can wrap spring rolls better than Sue li Nguyen


The Princess of Pastries

I am very laid back and like having fun in the kitchen.

My strength is in all things flour and dough, desserts and pastries.

I rarely follow recipes and use my senses as a guide, touching, feeling, smelling and tasting.

I’m multitasked in the kitchen and enjoy experimenting with all foods from around the world, from the curries of India to the tacos of Mexico and can cook Pasta like a professional Italian Chef.


The Queen of Greens

I am creative and speedy in the kitchen.

I am very passionate about the process of food, from where it came from right through to polishing off the plate.

I love taking responsibility for the presentation of our dishes.

I’m impatient and want things done yesterday before tomorrow which explains my weakness in baking and desserts, although I take credit for the tasty fillings of our pastries!

Catch me if you can with my fast chopping skills, I chop tabouli like a 100m Olympic sprinter!

Why The Culinary School?

Professional Cooking Experience

Learn professional cooking skills in a professional, full industrial kitchen environment.

Not Your Average "School"

The Culinary School is hands on, one-of-a-kind and FUN! Your experience here will be one to remember

Master New cooking Techniques

Learn all of the tips, tricks and techniques you've only ever dreamed about and take your cooking to new heights.

Unrivalled Bonding Opportunity

Our classes serve a double-purpose as one of the best ways to bond with family, friends, colleagues or work-mates.

Learn From The Best

All of our teachers have years of experience working in some if Australia's busiest, most-popular venues.

A New Level of Accessibility

The Culinary School is breaking barriers in the community, giving access to skills and opportunities that were previously much harder to discover.

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